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By: Sya Sha

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Sunday, 17-Oct-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Led to the altar for slaughter...

Quick! The grumpy datuk's stare is killing me! Tutup mata!
Our Surrey friends! We miss you!
Encik Zul!!! Bila nak bagi elaun nih!
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Here are some snaps at the newly-refurbished building that houses the Malaysia High Commission as well as some government and private organisations; MARA, Petronas and JPA. Not that far though from our house, just a mere 5 minute hop and skip away, might take up to half an hour provided you get distracted by the designer boutiques along the way *hmm*. 2 weeks ago the Menteri of Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi YAB Datuk Mohd Khalid bin Nordin paid us a visit, he would like to have a lil tete-a-tete with students scattered around London. Yay! That means free dinner! Let's go guys! Who need a packet of microwave-heated Maggi mee? Double yay on that day too, cuz Encik Zul from MARA KL was there also! OMG, we promised to cook for him if he's here! Pak Brahim saved our day!!

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MARA Hostel

Main entrance
Common Room...tpt lepak,hilang tension,jumpe member2 lain,tgk tv
View from outside
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Hail MARA Hostel! It's a Godsent to all of us Malaysian students here in London. Duh where else can you get a place so extravagantly furnished at this rental rate? When the same rate you'd find around the Bayswater, London is similar to that of a one week's. Ah, we just don't give a damn to the rules and regulations being set up by the Landlord, rules are made to be broken rite? *grins* So here are some pictures so that u guys have some idea on how the condition of our Mansion is *chuckle*. It's pretty simple and a conducive place to study. And if u guys are thinking of going on a short-term stay at London, u guys might think of this place as it's only 7 pounds per day!!! PLUS, the good thing is, we're here. So doesn't it all sound too good to be true???

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Notting Hill?!

Dino, Lynn and err...kuda?
A couple of horses and a couple of erm...?!
Now that's what I call pub!
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2nd day in London, there was this Notting Hill Carnival (no Julia Roberts though) things were pretty mad so not much pix could be taken so we figured out we might take pictures of ourselves instead Notting Hill Carnival? Hmph, just some boring parades with hordes of mad people. Help! I can't breathe!


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